Sunday, September 28, 2003

i love...

Back-to-School Shopping! I love getting organized at the beginning of the year. Us student-types (and maybe faculty-types, I can't speak for them) are lucky in that we get two new years. Its just a good feeling to get energized about the new beginning, make resolutions for the school year (I swear, this year I'm going to start my papers earlier!), get everything organized (and color-coded. Go J personality!). Now, a lot of this will fall to the wayside by mid-November, but then January 1st rolls around and its time for a whole new batch of resolutions. So, one of the things I'm thinking about for starting this school year is a haircut. I'm thinking something along these lines:

I realize that this means nothing to some of you, having never seen me, but I like posting pictures on the web anyway.

Please pray for us folk here at Seabury as we start another year of school!

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