Wednesday, September 10, 2003

3 states, 3 bands, 1 day

Monday, I went to Indiana, met up with Jane, then to Michigan to see Heather and the Allegan County Fair. While the sloppey joes, homemade raspberry pie, and HUGE eclairs were enough to warrant the trip, we went to see Sixpence None the Richer and Jars of Clay. What a fabulous concert - we had a great time! The lead singer for Sixpence is about seven months pregnant (Jane's guess, I concur) and did a whole show. You go girl! Jars of Clay did a bunch of songs I knew, so that was fun too. Before their encore, the lead singer came out a did a talk on the AIDS epidemic in Africa. It was powerful. He talked stats - 8,000 people die every day from the disease. He talked about the people he met when he visited last year, about the loss of hope and dreams, and the dreams and hopes of one child who will not likely live long enough to fulfill them. Then he talked about the Church's response. He called the Church to do more, and not ignore these people in need just because some say AIDS is the consequence of sin. He said "We have been so well loved. We should be able to love well." He gave us a link to check out - World Vision's Hope Initiative sponsors children who have been orphaned by AIDS. Just thought I'd pass it on. Blessings, y'all!


T. West said...

Let me tell you a little story. It begins before that concert. When i first heard Mrs. Nash's voice just after Fatherless and the Widow. I worked but never managed to have enough to afford to go see them so I never went to any concerts of any kind. Then after a while I was working at a moderately sized car dealer. It was good times at that job. Worked my butt off, but was very well liked by all people in every department. I worked about 50-55 hours a week. I might be wrong but i think i heard on the radio that Sixpence was going to be on the other side of the state. Now at that time I didn't have a car. It was also the day before the concert on a working day. Ticketmaster showed only 2 tickets left..amazing. I immediately went to my boss and asked if I could go. He said ok. His boss even let me take a rental car to Allegan on the other side, since im just outside of Detroit. I begged since the ticket I purchased cost me $25 and it was 2nd row dead center. Day off, long drive, enjoyed myself the whole way there. I went by myself. I got there and it was looking to be no parking anywhere. Then a lady let a couple cars use her house and she only had 1 spot left. About 1/2 block away from entrance. Funny thing as well, I didn't even know who was playing other than Sixpence. I didn't even know it was a Christian concert until I heard it. Every single person in that packed crowd didn't mind being bumped into, was polite and friendly. Little did I know that the first row was for press only. And that the 1st and 2nd rows were the only seats allowed to have cameras.... bummer. I didn't know till i got there. But time came for Sixpence. There she was. A bright beaming ray of sunshine. And as you say 7 months pregnant. She put the most amazing performance I have ever seen. I forgot all about the speech that Jars did until this page. But recall there set and it is the song that got me into them as well. The whole experience is delightfully ethereal to revisit in my mind.

Susie/NuevaCantora said...

I'm glad you found this and could reminisce about it! I don't maintain this page anymore, but it was fun to see your comment. Thanks for sharing.