Monday, September 27, 2004


Today marks the start of another school year here at Seabury, which is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the freshness and excitement of new beginnings, and I thought I would celebrate with a short list of firsts.

My first post in a long while. Yes, I have been remiss in my posting. I know, I know. The best thing I can say about this is I have been on strike. As I may have mentioned, I am a raging extrovert. Part of being an extrovert, as least this particular one, is that I process my thoughts verbally, with other people. The last month has included a good deal of alone time. In some ways, that was very good for me – I always need to work on being myself when I am by myself – but in other ways, it was difficult. Writing is a second step in my thought process, with human interaction always being first. Limited human encounters means limited writing. Consider it part protest, part personality quirk. And, since classes are beginning, consider it over.

My first Baptist wedding. Okay, so really I’m just stretching to get in a note of congratulations to Tripp and Trish. The wedding was joyous and beautiful, the music was great (although I’m biased there), the party was a blast, and the bride and groom were gorgeous and glowing. It was great spending time with friends, and meeting folks I know from stories and blogs. All to celebrate love. Many, many years of happiness to you both!

The first day of classes. Well, my classes at Seabury don’t start until tomorrow. I have “the senior classes”- England in the Age of Reform; Anglican Identity; Anglican Worship; and Sex, Money & Real Estate: Canon Law. It’ll be a long day- we have all four of those classes on the same day. Other folks, including the new students started classes this afternoon. It was also the first Eucharist of the school year, and our new Theology & Ethics professor preached and presided at the service. She noted that this is a new beginning for some, and the beginning of an end for others of us. Yep, it sure is. Ready or not, here comes senior year.

My first assignment. I am also taking a seminar in Christian Education over at Garrett called Christology & Teaching. Our first writing assignment is due next Monday. We are to write four to six “convictions” we hold about Jesus as teacher. When they called Jesus “Rabbi’, what did they mean? What does it mean for us today? I’m not entirely sure what all I’ll have to say about that, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with living in relationship, with hope, and with changing people, changing lives. Its what I’ve learned so far in this place, and I’m pretty sure I’ve learned Jesus here. But with all these firsts, I feel like I’m just beginning. And friends, that is a good feeling.