Saturday, July 05, 2008

Color Vision

Our new home is really great, and we are definitely in love with it. One of the things that attracted us to the house is that is doesn't look like the other houses on the street. We're actually in the kind of neighborhood where none of the houses look like the one next door, so it isn't that our house is so special (though it is), it's just that kind of place.

Still, we particularly like the "curb appeal" of our place - the symmetry, the bright red mailbox, the pointy thing over the door. As we walked home from a comedy show and ice cream last night, we were talking about the interesting housing colors in our neighborhood. There is one a couple blocks over that is a great shade of green, and I said "That's about the color I'd like in the living room." Luke commented that he liked the shade of green on our house.

Here's the thing about that. Our house? Not green. Its really tan. I'll give you khaki even. But it is most definitely not green. I thought about not sharing this information with Luke, but that seemed unfair. So I broke the news to him that our house is khaki-colored. Green trim, definitely, but the house itself is khaki.

As we approached the house, the new information clearly matched up with the sensory intake. It was like he saw for the first time that our house was in fact khaki, not green. It wasn't a look of disappointment, or even surprise (well, maybe a little.) It was recognition.

If only changing our preconceptions and mis-perceptions were always so easy. In the meantime, I'm off to find that green I like so much, because I'm sure it's exactly the way I'm imagining it in my head. Where *did* that house go??

Friday, July 04, 2008

Random Update Bullets

One of the blogs I lurk at recently posted and updated from a long hiatus. Her life has been complicated, and yet, her update was witty and funny and profound. She inspired me to update too, and try to get back into writing in this space. But, its a holiday and I'm off today, so I'm going the lazy route with bullets. Pretend the asterisks are fireworks, and it's downright festive around here.

* We moved, into hardcore Wolverine Country. The Phabulous Doctor is going to be teaching there beginning in September, so we've bought a house and officially moved.

* Paint colors are fun to think about, but actually getting around to painting takes us for. ever. I think our bedroom is going to have a similar color scheme to the new look here. Maybe by the end of 2008?

* Moving back to our home town is sort of crazy. It's strange to have to remember things like where the Thai food is and how to get to the dairy store with the great coffee ice cream, but run into people I've known my whole life and drive past all my college houses on the way.

* It rained every day for the first week we lived here. Now we have a lawn mower (the push kind) and a tree guy. Home ownership teaches all kinds of lessons.

* Youth ministry requires a lot of summer travel. I'm leaving for EYE 2008 in San Antonio next week, I'll be in Chicago for a week later in the month, and then DC in August. Yes, I do know that Texas and DC are not really the best places to visit in July and August, why do you ask?

* Watching friendships transform over fifteen or twenty years is an amazing gift.

* My kitchen and family room are all unpacked. The bedroom is mostly put away, and the office is getting there. Let's not talk about the basement.

* Our June included a random sports accident/head injury that lead to two days of being in the hospital. Luke is totally fine, but it was scary for a bit in there. I learned that getting a phone call from your spouse's cell and having it be someone else saying "Something happened" is terrible - but if that is going to happen, having a good friend make the call is the best possible scenario. He sounded steady and calm and in charge, in what must have been an absolutely frightening situation. I am so thankful for the new friends we've made since the last time we lived here.

* Six years ago, we lived in this town, Luke was working for the University, I was connected to diocesan youth ministry. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Happy 4th of July, y'all!