Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Five, Finally

So, it turns out that transitioning takes a lot of time and energy, so I've been away from here for a bit. Also, we were away at a wedding for a few days.

Easing myself back in with a Hasty Friday Five seems like a good way to spend the last bits of a hasty lunch hour, so with no further ado, welcome to my day!

Today I am....
1. Wearing
Pink & white-striped shirt, khakis, and my tan socks with butterflies, and my always jewelry (engagement ring & wedding ring) . I chose the outfit because I knew I'd be moving boxes and unpacking boxes... and well, thats hard to do gracefully in a skirt. Oh! And very cute brown shoes that I love, but they're currently somewhere under my desk...

2. Reading
Preaching as Testimony, by Anna Carter Florence - I've been meaning to read it for months, but now I have conference deadline to help me along, and a whole lot of files for my new job

3. Eating
I just had Noodles & Co for lunch - and I'm very excited that I didn't add "mac & cheese" to the first category. That was a close one.

4. Doing
Um, blogging. Duh. But after that... see number 2 above.

5. Pondering
How to catalog the books I have for a resource center, how to set up my new office so that it has two functioning desks, how best to support friends who are hurting, and what it means to have a diocesan community rather than a congregation

Enough pondering though, time for more work.