Monday, September 08, 2003


I like routine. At my old job, I had a great morning routine that involved coffee, checking my email, stopping by my friend Amy's office, reading the headlines on, and eventually getting down to business. Jane has been talking about conditioning her brain back to seminary reading. For me, its getting myself readjusted to having a routine. Inertia is definitely working against me on this one, but I think that routine is very good for people. I think that this year, I will insititute more routines into my life: going to Einstein's with Luke on Sundays between work and football, balancing my checkbook more regularly, getting up at a reasonable time (9:00) even when I don't have class in the morning, starting papers more than a couple days before they're due. Now, nobody hold your breath - I've been working on some of these for several academic years with very little progress. But here is one routine I think all us bloggers could do - go to The Hunger Site everyday, and click on the little button. There are six of these sites now, and its a very easy way to do a very little bit to help out. So check it out, and add it to your routine. Cuz hey - routine is good for you!

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