Wednesday, October 01, 2003

quarter century

As of today, I have lived on this planet for twenty-five years. Happy Birthday to me! I like birthdays, I like reflecting on the year past and the year ahead. Today has been a very good day, with lots of well-wishes from my classmates. I am incredibly happy to be at Seabury. Last year, my birthday was on the second day of classes, and I hardly knew anyone. I was pretty homesick, since I spent my first 23 birthdays in Ann Arbor. Now I have a community in this place, I am pleased to be celebrating life's occasions with my friends. Its a funny thing, how communities give such deeper meaning to life's little joys and changes. For any of you in the Chicago area, we're celebrating the past quarter of a century with a party, Friday night at the Shaefer and Reich apartments and you're welcome to join us and whoever else shows up!

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