Monday, October 13, 2003

to blog or not to blog

ha, ha. I'm cheesy. Anyway, I was thinking about my hesitantancy to blog. Its quite a powerful thing that I can post my opinion to this captive audience. I have all these people (okay, like 10 maybe) who read this - I can get them to read anything I want to say!! That kind of power is incredibly humbling too... what on earth do I have to say that anyone would want to spend their time reading? Surely the proverbial "them" could be reading something much more edifying than, say, this post. Enter the classic middle ground. If I believe that my readers are a captive audience, and I can say whatever I like and they have to take it, I will either a) hear about it in the comments part and/or b) lose all three of my faithful readers. If I focus on how little I can really offer in these online conversations, then I would never blog at all and the conversation is diminished and I am wallowing in self-indulgent pity. Ugh.
In this way, I find blogging to be like participation in worship. When preparing for worship, we must take care that we are not so concerned with our own offerings that we fail to notice the gifts of others, or worse, the presence of God in those around us. But if we are so quick to let others do the offering, convinced of our own unworthiness, then we will never be able to participate fully. This is why community is so essential to our worship life. In our common life, we are able to understand ourselves as gifted and valuable, yet we are able to understand ourselves as unsure, inadequate and broken. And thankfully, in faith, we are able to see God present and active in it all.

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