Monday, October 27, 2003

three years

Just ain't enough. Thats what I've decided. Today is registration for the Winter (Epiphany) Quarter here at Seabury. I get to take my first elective - which I'm planning to fill with "Practice in Preaching" - but could also fill with Greek, Developmental Theology, or an elective at one of the other eight schools in the consortium. There is simply not enough time to take all the classes I want and think I need! Systematics is a case in point here. We have one quarter on systematic theology,which is simply not enough. I'm writing my paper on the imago Dei- what exactly do we mean by "created in the image of God"? We've already covered this in class, kind of, but there are basic themes that we haven't covered. Is the imago Dei a characteristic we posess? a potential we lost at the Fall? our destiny? I'm leaning towards the "now, not yet" model of the Kingdom - I think it applies well here. I'm also reading a book that talks about the imago Dei as something we do rather than have, per say. The author calls it "relational" model for the image. I like the idea that this is a verb, something we actively need to work out in our lives, that we live in the image of God by having right relationships. Somehow, I'm going to relate this to organ donation, specifically, living organ transplants. Anyway, while I'm enjoying this part of the paper (excpet the whole having to have it done by Wednesday thing), its frustrating to think about how much I'm missing with all our subjects. I guess thats what continuing ed is for!

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