Monday, October 13, 2003


well, my long-term absence was not planned, but I think a vacation from blogging has been good for my sanity. The funny thing is, I meant to post something new fairly quickly, so that the whole Hawaii thing wasn't the first entry on my page. The best laid plans....
I have this great little book called Everyone Wants to Go to Heaven, But... by C. McNair Wilson. Its goes through all these words (angels, forbidden fruit, gravy, pain and suffering, rock star) and explains them in relation to God. Its really funny and witty. I thought I would give you a couple excerpts for today.

Forever: What God writes on a questionaire or an application when they ask "How long at current address?"

Gifted: All children are Gifted. They are born gifted. Given special qualities by their Creator that make them uniquely who they are - unlike anyone else. Just ask the mother of twins or triplets: no two children are exactly alike. Each of us are different. Special. This specialness is the Creator's gift. But along the way, we keep giving children more and more presents and taking away their gifts.

Impossible: The only assignments that God will handle personally. With all others, he asks us "What are you going to do about that?"

Stable: It could well be said that Jesus had a very stable beginning.

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