Thursday, October 02, 2003


One of the best things Seabury has in its curriculum is this course called "plunge." Okay, its not really called that but thats what we call it. Anyway, as part of this course, we get split up into little groups, and sent around the country to do a two-week intensive study of a congregation. Its really all very cool. And why am I so chipper about this assignment that I have not yet done? Well, folks, cuz the rumors are true. Plunge assignments came out yesterday, and I am indeed going to St. Nicholas Episcopal Church in Kapolei, Hawaii. (pause for shocked remarks). News travels fast around here - see the comments on the previous entry, from my Mississippi friend. I also got an email from England already. I am really really excited about this, for the obvious reason (I'm going to Hawaii for two weeks!) and for other reasons. St. Nicholas is a church-plant, and they worship in an elementary school cafeteria. They are doing a lot with kids and youth, running adult ed classes - and its a totally different culture. There is much to be learned, I'm sure. For now though, I'm just really excited!

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