Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Those Summer Nights

Well, my exicting love affair for the summer is here: Old Testament Theology with Walter Brueggemann. We're two days into our short class (three weeks at Notre Dame) and its amazing. Prof. Brueggemann is funny, witty, insightful, patient, respectful - and a rhetorical textual critic who has no more use for historic criticism than I do! Woo hoo! This does mean that my summer nights consist of lots of reading- we're using Brueggemann's own book, Theology of the Old Testament. Its a bit of an ironic title, since the Prof has already said that he doesn't believe you can have a systematic theology of the Old Testament- rather, there are many voices present in the text, and the tradition has been careful to preserve the countertestimony with the testimony. The book utilizes a whole trial-witness-testimony metaphor for interpretation and theology that is compelling to me as well. My reflection for tomorrow (we submit a one-page reflection each morning) will reflect on the role of community in this metaphor. Did I mention I love this class?

In other news... my LH* has been published!! I'm very excited about this. Here is the abstract for the article... the full text doesn't seem to available online. Yet? I'm not sure. It will appear in the journal Administration in Social Work. Anyway, its really wonderful.

One more important learning from class this morning.
"{God said} I will accept no bull from your house" - Psalm 50:9.

Sometimes taking verses out of context is just more fun.

*LH=lovely husband, of course!

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