Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Something about being back in class makes me want to blog more. Coincidence? I think not. So, speaking of being in class - I love the model of short, intensive courses where you can focus all your energy on the one class. Some of us like to fantasize about the seminary we're going to have someday. I would love to plan a curriculum based on the short-term, one class model. It wouldn't be so different from quarters- in a ten week period, you would take three classes, just one at a time. The curriculum could be filled out with lectures on other subjects, or afternoon-long workshops. The model would makes "interdisciplinary" work a bit more difficult, but I think that could be developed through the lectures. It would probably be very taxing on professors, however, if they only taught every other "term" it might be doable for them as well. If this interests you, and you want to go to seminary (or teach!) in about fifteen-twenty years, let me know and I'll sign you up!

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