Saturday, May 26, 2007

Spiders and Shrieking

The other night, while I was innocently putting my dishes in the dishwaher, I disocer a very large 8-leged THING on the floor of my kitchen. This was somewhere between "black widow-grade" and "tarantula-grade" invader. So, naturally, I shrieked, until my knight in shining armor lovely husband live-in exterminator took care of the problem.

The result? Today is Spring Cleaning Day in our house! I'm contributing by doing laundry, washing dishes, moving the refrigerator, tossing stuff from the pantry, and taking out the recycling.

And, of course, encouraging the live-in exterminator lovely husband, staying out of the way, and suggesting that our day be interrupted by ice cream. Spring Cleaning Day is fun!

Later Update: Shelf fixed, new shower caddy assembled, new stain on carpet where I dropped the bowls of spaghetti... two steps forward, one step back.


Jane Ellen+ said...

Oh, ick! Ice cream is definitely an appropriate response/antidote to the invader, yes.

And a certain gratitude that at least it was not a... um... legless critter.

Mark J. said...

While we may have many and varied legged critters here in Hawaii, most stay outdoors at the encouragement of the exterminators. A monthly contract killing is a must. ;-)

And hey, Susie... No slithering things here in Hawaii at all. That's a plus!

Beth said...

Sorry, I'm still back on "it's spring cleaning day and I'm contributing..."

You should have a warning of some sort when you're going to say shocking things like that.