Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I Sing A Song...

Well, memes are always a good way to break a cycle, and Beth tagged me for the current "four favorite saints" list.

The instructions are: Name your four favorite saints, your favorite blessed saint, and the person you think should be canonized.

So, lets see...

St. Cecelia
: The patron saint of music, the junior choir at the church where I grew up was named for her. Me & my low church self actually had a St. Cecelia medal that I wore for a long time that I got from my time in choir.

St. Clare: The church where I grew up was named for her, and in high school, I had the chance to visit Assisi and sit in the church of her convent, which is still an all-time "God moment" for me.

St. Brigid: Again, some of this is that I've been able to visit Ireland, and spent a day in her town. But, also, her feast day is my mom's bday, so that's pretty good.

George Herbert: His poetry is just beautiful. I used to know a beautiful choral setting of "Love Bade Me Welcome," and remember how it felt to figure out the words.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton: I didn't come to know her through the church, so I'm gonna count her as my "blessed saint" even though I'm not clear on that distinction. Anyway, I wrote a paper on her for my AP History class in high school, and was really drawn to her as a personality.

As for someone who should be canonized... I think we do a pretty good job of adding folks to our commemoration calendar, but I'm going to go with Beth on this one. Thecla should be on our calendar, even if one could be "pedantic" and claim that Anglicans can rightly see her already as a saint!

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