Friday, May 11, 2007


We celebrated Mothers Day in our families yesterday with a very long car trip. My mother and mother-in-law like to travel together to visit art exhibits in general Michigan vicinity. The Cleveland Art Museum has a great Monet exhibit right now, so the four of us piled into a car and drove down together. If you're going to spend eight hours in a car, its good to have two hours of walking in the middle, so it worked out well. To our surprise, the reciprocity of museum membership between Cleveland and Detroit meant that we got in to the exhibit for free! The exhibit was great, laid out chronologically, and it was especially interested to watch Monet grow in and out of styles. The final piece was one his Water Lillies series - a large canvas, maybe 10 feet wide and six feet high, with no refernce to the sky, the land. Just flowers floating in water, filling your whole perspective.

That quiet impact, that shift of perspective, might be a way to describe another Mothers Day celebration. A group of women in Ohio are calling on women all over the world to stand together on Mothers Day, in silence, to change the world. Can you join these women? Visit Standing Women for their story.


Mark J. said...

I always have liked that art museum!

Cathy said...

Can you email me about Musical Musings RGBP?
cathystevens @ gmail dot com

St. Inuksuk said...

Wasn't that a wonderful Monet exhibit? i enjoyed the Cleveland exhibit as much as I enjoyed one many, many years at the Chicago Art Institute.

Heidijayhawk said...

love art museums! from an episcopal mom in kansas! enjoy reading your blog!