Sunday, November 07, 2004

Here We Go...

As Si puts it (in that nagging 17-year-old voice) - "you got your rings back on. the finger is no longer an excuse for not blogging." And, he's right. The finger has healed fairly well, thanks to some friendly advice from folks around here at Seabury and the rest it had from typing. But, then I wanted to wait for a happy occasion to start blogging again. I thought last Tuesday might have been it... and while Obama did get elected in Illinois, it was still a rough night in the Shaefer household. At least West Wing season 3 came out this week... we can escape to our fantasy world where Barlett is President.
But, today is the perfect happy opportunity. Today, George Vincent Hudgins III (aka Tripp) got himself ordained. It was a glorious service - good music, good preaching, good praying. And, apparently it worked, cuz we all shared communion and then we had a party. There was food, music, laughing and teasing, and general merriment. It was a joy to watch, and an honor to be part of the day. My theme song for the night - at least, the one running through my head - is from my children's choir days - but, appropriate to the occasion I think:
Its a long a road to freedom, a-winding steep and high
But if you walk in love with the wind on your wings,
And cover the earth with the songs you sing
The miles fly by.
-Sister Miriam Therese Winter

May all the miles of your ministry be blessed with song and Sprit, my friend, and congratulations!

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