Sunday, November 21, 2004

A Rose By Any Other Game...

Michigan is going to the Rose Bowl!!! - although, as my mom put it, "by no fault of our own". Ouch. We played a hideous game yesterday against Ohio State, in Columbus. Luke and I were at the wedding of my college roommate (Congratulations Christine!), so we missed most of the game. We did manage to watch part of the fourth quarter- the part where our star receiver dropped a one-yard pass, and the part where our freshman quarterback threw an interception, right when we got to first-and-goal. But... as we were leaving the wedding reception to drive back to Chicago, we turned on the radio to hear that Iowa pulled it out over Wisconsin- which means Michigan shares the Big 10 Title, and we get to go to the Rose Bowl!

I called my best friend and her Michigan Marching Band Alumni husband to celebrate. He was less enthused, wishing that we had actually gotten to go to the Rose Bowl by our own efforts and beating Ohio State instead of someone else's win. So, I framed it like this: "Just think J! Ohio State was so far behind this year that even them beating us can't keep us out of the Rose Bowl!" He laughed and replied, "So thats what they teach you at seminary! You can put a postive spin on anything!" Hope and faith, my friend. Its all about hope and faith. Go Blue!

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