Tuesday, December 30, 2003

On the Sixth Day of Christmas…

Merry Christmas, one and all! We are already halfway through the season, and way more than halfway through the break. In fact, Luke and I will be returning to Chicago tomorrow (I think), after a very full break. Christmas was fantastic, and Santa was good to us. Least shocking gift? The first season of West Wing on DVD. We’ve already watched several episodes. Yup, we’re a tad fanatic about the whole thing. Other events of break include: me preaching my first sermon since I began this whole crazy process (see below, for those of you who were following my thought process and would like to view the results). It was really well received – but this is also the congregation I grew up in. They want me to do well. Luke turned the big 25 yesterday – he has caught up with me in age once again. We had three good meals to celebrate so far, and a movie with good old friends. Really, most of break was spent connecting with friends- some we hadn’t seen for several years! Fun, but tiring.
Also over break, our good friends back here in Ann Arbor have asked us to be godparents for their new baby, who is due any second now. I have no godparents myself, and Luke’s godfather was pretty MIA over the last 24 and a half years. So – do any of you have good godparents? What has made them good godparents? I’m incredibly excited and honored – and I want to do this right.
Merry Christmas everyone – and, (given the rate of postings recently I'll be early with this rather than several days late), Happy New Year!

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