Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year!

Midnight came around without too much fanfare for us this year- a simple gathering of good friends with really, really good food. It was absolutely wonderful and perfect. Here’s a tip for the New Year: If Jane ever invites you over for food, take her up on it. And arrive hungry. Where I grew up, its considered good luck to eat pork & sauerkraut on New Year’s. Jeff’s wife said greens and black-eyed peas are good luck. Regardless of what you eat, I think it is a good idea to start anything new with a good meal.
I’m still thinking about New Year’s resolutions. But for those of you who have major changes coming this year here are a couple fun sites for you:
Find My Spot: You can take a quiz, and find out your ideal places to live. My top three are Baltimore, Long Beach, CA and Vegas.
Ugly A funny collection of those ugly bridesmaids dresses we’ve all seen and hope never to wear.
Unfortunately, I don’t think the Michigan Wolverines are doing well with their resolution to go undefeated in 2004… its USC 21 – U of MI 7 with 5 minutes to go in the third…

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