Wednesday, January 21, 2004

31 Flavors

I have been having bizarre dreams lately. The other night, in my dream, I was at a pop machine, and I really wanted a Cherry Coke. (That part isn't bizarre, I love Cherry Coke.) When I pressed the button though, I got a Maple Coke. It looked just like a Vanilla Coke bottle, except that it had a red maple leaf on it, like the Canadian flag. Ever since this dream, I have been tempted to pour some maple syrup into a Coke and see what happens. If anyone else gets the urge to try it, please do let me know how it turns out.
Then, this morning I thought I had another weird dream, until I realized I was awake. I was listening to NPR Morning Edition, and they were talking about a company that is going to start producing haggis in Chicago. Yes. Haggis. The Scottish stuff with all the sheep organs stuffed into a sheep stomach. The best part? Not only is this company going to produce haggis, they're going to make a vegetarian version.
I think I'll stick with Maple Coke.

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