Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Just Do It!

So, when you leave something that you should really be doing, and then keep leaving it, it gets harder and harder to pick up again. Has anyone else noticed that? So, here I am, blogging again because it seems like I may never start if I don't do it now. Classes are well underway here at Seabury. I'm taking Practice in Preaching this term, which is a blast. But it means I have a sermon to finish by Thursday! A woman in our class made the observation that, in the past, she has always had quite a bit of time to prepare sermons - and hasn't usually had too much else to balance at the same time. Amen, Sister! It is a new thing for me to write sermons with the pressure of other classes and other homework, and only a week or so to do it. Yeah, I know - better get used to it! I just really like sitting with a text for a month or so. The readings assigned are for 1 Epiphany, Year C, so we at least have the advantage of having already heard the lectionary in church last Sunday. Anyway, speaking of other classes, the Middlers (thats my group) are taking another class from Trevor, which of course means More Blogging. You can read a piece over at Jane's place each week, or, if you do not already have enough to do, you can go to our class page and connect to the class blogs from there, and find out what I have to say about class discussions and such. Happy Reading!

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