Monday, December 08, 2003

Sermons, Sermons everywhere!

I seem to be surrounded by sermons. At least, decisions about sermons. First, the preaching rota for next term. Since the Middlers (my class) have taken "Preparing to Preach" we are considered now prepared to preach, and invited to preach at Seabury. I declined the invite. You that phrase "the more you learn, the more you realize you don't know anything"? Um, yeah. That.
Thanksgiving break was great. (Yeah, that was awhile ago, but oh well). Luke & I made it home, and I got to meet the new rector at St. Clare's, Ann Arbor. In the first five minutes of conversation, we discussed (at his impetus) whether I am receiving enough support from my home parish, and if I could preach the Sunday after Christmas. So, I am preaching at home for the first time since I officially started my discernment process, two and a half years ago. The Gospel is the same as it always is the first Sunday after Christmas. "In the beginning was the Word..." Do I have any clue at all what to say? Nope. For some reason, I'm feeling an incredible amount of pressure not to be cliche. Something about history is bouncing around in the back of my head.... when it moves its way towards the conscious part of my brain, I'll let you know. Any other thoughts would be appreciated. This has actually never been one of my favorite passages in Scripture. Abstract poetry? No thanks. I'll take a good miracle story any day.
Finally, I am working on my last preaching exercise for that same "Preparing to Preach" class. These five-sentence exerciese are actually pretty useful, and the repetition really does wonders for confidence and all that. Even though they are only five sentences, they do take some prep work. So, enough procrastination for now! Only four more days left in the term...

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