Thursday, April 17, 2003


My first Holy Week at Seabury is under way, and choir rehearsal for Maundy Thursday in in two hours. Already, this Holy Week has seemed odd - the weather was gorgeous and perfect for two days, and I felt like it should be Easter season already. The week started off with my appointment as Worship Chair for next year, which I'm very excited about and a bit in shock about. Then, to be doing seminary classes in the midst of Holy Week preparations seemed disconnected for me. Also, I've only been away from family and my home church a couple of times ever for Easter, and not since I was much younger. So far this year, I've done relatively well with the "thats not how we do worship at my home" syndrome, but Holy Week is really just making me a bit homesick. The best remedy has been singing - having eighty million choir practices and services to sing makes it bit more like home!
In the midst of this, I've been trying to put together a thesis for my ethics paper. I wanted to write on parenting somehow (another outlet for my crazy baby fever!) but I don't want to write on ethics of reproductive technology. In the book I reviewed for the class, there was a chapter on John Chrysostom and the ethics of family. Basically, the idea was that the family is like a little church - so I'm using that as a springboard for my paper. I"m already a bit frustrated with trying to find sources, but Trevor was helpful.
Other interesting conversations this week have included thoughts on reconciliation, our Pastoral Care class discussion on the role(s) of priests in congregations, and a discussion on a new list-serve on being under 30 at seminary (or in the clergy), and finding God in the ordinary. In spite of the busy-ness, I'm glad for such an eventful Holy Week and the constant reminders of God's presence in all sorts of ways.

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