Saturday, April 05, 2003

Continuums and Catharsis

The sun is sort of shining in pieces this morning, which is an apt description for my week. I have been spending most of my time this week trying to put together the ordo for the Seabury Easter Vigil. It was going fairly well, until yesterday I discovered that the draft I was working on had been erased. Very frustrating, to say the least, so I had myself a nice little crying fit. But thanks to an understanding prof and two good friends, I calmed down and discovered that I had more saved than I thought. By the end of the night, I had caught up to where I had been with the ordo. And, I had released a lot of stress and found that I have some very good friends here at Seabury. I'll take a minor crisis for that kind of catharsis.
Another interesting exercise from this week has been in my mind. I'm taking a small group class on peace & justice issues (how's that for a broad category?!), and our conversation this week naturually flowed to the war. We did an exercise where we formed an imaginary continuum in the classroom on a couple issues - use of violence, America's role in other countries, that sort of thing- and then placed ourselves along the "line". While the group definitely fell in different places, it was really helpful to treat such a hot-button issue as complex and nuanced. It lessened the tension of the usual "pick a side" discussions, and helped our diverse group to really talk about what we thought. Anyway, I like continuums! So now I will continue to do my work.

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