Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Just Whistle A Happy Tune

For history class tomorrow, we’re reading the Life of Leoba among other things. This is my favorite Saints Life so far. She was a monastic in the eight hundreds, and a friend of St. Boniface. I particularly like this quote:
Throughout the summer both she and all the sisters under her rule went to rest after the midday meal, and she would never give permission to any of them to stay up late, for she said that lack of sleep dulled the mind, especially for study.
If I get around to writing a rule of life, I think I may model some things after this woman. She seems like a sharp one.

So, I tried to post something else earlier but it seems to have disappeared into cyberspace. I wanted to tell you all about this crazy thing I saw yesterday! Thanks to Dave & Stephanie, Luke & I have become David Letterman fans. Unfortunately, David Letterman has been sick for about five weeks and hasn’t been on his show. Last night was his first night back, and it was a great show with Billy Crystal. The other guest though was Michael Barimo, who is a World Champion Whistler. As in, the noise you make with your mouth that isn’t singing or humming. He whistled the Vengeance Aria from The Magic Flute, with all the vibrato and expression of a singer. It was absolutely amazing. So, I found a website with a sound clip of him, for your enjoyment.

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