Sunday, March 16, 2003

I am back, after an absence due to end of term crush and perfect weather. Who needs California when Chicago is 65 degrees and sunny? Now that I need to be working on my last paper for the term though, I’m back to familiar methods of procrastination. Which I’ve been doing all weekend. Luke & I spent a lot of good time with Jeff this week, since Catherine was out of town- good food, good music, good talk. Tripp joined us Saturday for breakfast, more good food, good music and good talk. You know that whole thing about friends don’t talk politics or religion? Yeah… that’s pretty much all we did. And loved it. Then Luke and I got some good quality time together, walking around downtown Evanston. We talked about what we would change our first names to if we were going to change them. Now, I'm sort of thinking about going by "Addie" - my middle name is Adelaide. Ah, the joys of a lazy day. Spring Break is a good life.
Friday night, Luke & I rented Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. We didn’t get through the whole movie, (I’m incredibly sensitive to movie violence, and it got to be a bit much) but there was a quote from Nicholas Cage’s character that I loved:
What is there to sing about? There is singing when babies are baptized, when you celebrate a marriage. Men sing as they work. Soldiers sing as they march into battle. And there is singing when people die. I have always found something in life to sing about and for that, I will not apologize.
Neither will I.

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