Saturday, March 08, 2003

Community Sports

Last night, Luke & I headed over to the Garret Faculty/Student basketball game. Apparently, this is an annual event for the school, and they invited Seaburians to participate this year. I went along, since I haven't seen Luke play basketball since high school - and it was a blast!! The student had a "Spirit Team", there was popcorn and drinks, they had an announcer with a sound system. I started chatting with some people, and a wonderful Garrett student named Sarah invited me to share their blanket with her and her two kids. The students beat the faculty 83-81 - which was sad for us, since all the Seabury folk played for the faculty team. It was really just a time for the school to get together and have fun - the sense of community was nearly tangible. A nice reinforcement that having fun together is essential for community building and bonding - "continue in the apostles' teaching and fellowship" -getting together just for fun really does fall into this category. I used to do teambuilding games and initiatives at my diocesan camp. One thing I learned in training was to start out with games that were just fun, running-around kinds of games - throwing yarn balls at each other and laughing about it is good for the soul! And, its a great way to justify procrastination... so I'm back to work.

BTW- I'm working on fixing up the page, but it may take a bit. Thanks Tripp, Jeff, Jane, and Laura for your help so far!

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