Friday, July 07, 2006

Short Friday Five

In honor of the shortened work week, we have a short Friday Five. How creative is that?

Tell us about five noteworthy Short things in your life.
Short People
Lately, I've been thinking about two short people - my godson (2 and a half) and his brother (4 and a half). They are spending the summer up north at a famous music camp with the clarinet-professor mom. We haven't seen them in a few months, but we have pictures of them everyhwere. We were going to take a Short Trip up there this weekend, but no longer. Hopefully we will see them in just a short while - next month!

Short Hops
I wonder if fruit beer is short on hops? Isn't hops what makes beer bitter? Once, I had this really amazing cherry beer from Wisconsin...

Short Stories
Once upon a time, the end.

Short Lists
Um, not my to-do list. My grocery list though! I went to farmer's market yessterday, so now I all I need for dinner is dill.

Short Stops

Short stop = what I'm doing on my blog today, cuz I really gotta get going again. Adios, enjoy your day!


Songbird said...

Thanks for playing!
I like your story, very economical.

A. Grayson said...

Alright susie, I'm dying here: What's this Friday Five thing all about?