Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dont Feed The Animals

I'm coming to you from the Big Computer Lab at my alma mater, killing time while Luke sits in statistics class. He is taking a class on regression. I asked if that means they jump on the bed while solving statistics problems. He finds this less funny than I do.

Anyway, I wandered to my favorite deli place for some Greek Pasta Salad, and then over to the computer lab. Its fun wandering around on campus, but a little weird that I never see anyone I know. I suppose if I told them I was coming into town for the afternoon (sorry Terri, but I think you're on vacation). Anyway, on my way into the big building with the Big Computer Lab, I heard rustling in the bushes - about a foot away from me. At first I looked and thought it was a squirrel -until I realzied I had never seen a gray squirrel here. No, it was a RACOON. Eating some trash under the bush. Less than five feet from the door of the big campus building with the Big Computer Lab. What is with the animals on college campuses? Maybe during one of their next never-ending construction projects, they'll borrow some signs from the zoo: Don't feed the animals - or at least, not the ones bigger than a squirrel.

In blog news, I've added a couple links to the list on the left, including the hilarious-yet-educational PeaceBang's BeautyTips. And, I finally got around to posting last Sunday's sermon, but I changed the date, so you can find it below this posting. Happy reading!


will smama said...

In college I used to plead with the ESL students to not feed the squirrels. It is never good when animals that are 5x their normal size become unafraid of you.

Reverend Ref + said...

I've never heard the SWTS computer lab described as "Big" before.

That made me smile!!

Susie said...

HA! Ref, thats hilarious. No, I am not referring to the SWTS lab - I was at my *other* alma mater.

SWTS computer lab big. Thats so funny.

Baruch Grazer said...

I had one of those student-fed tame squirrels come straight at me on a Princeton quad one sunny afternoon. It was the stuff of nightmares. For a horrible moment, I thought it was going to hop straight up my pants and eat my face.