Thursday, July 06, 2006


Recipe for Movie Night
1 copy of Spanglish
3 avocados
1 small jalepeno pepper, seeded
juice from 1 lime (but get all the juice)
2 cups ice water
some cilantro (maybe a couple tablespoons)
sour cream

Put the first ingredient in the DVD or VHS player, but don't press play just yet.

Chop the pepper into four or five pieces. Pulse it in the food processor or blender until its finely minced.

Peel & pit the avocado, throw it in the processor/blender along with the juice, the ice water and the cilantro. Blend til smooth, like soup.

Put soup into two bowls, garnish with a bit of sour cream.

Grab a friend or partner, tell them dinner is ready, and press play.

Recipe for Summer Lunch
Vanilla yogurt
Raspberries or Strawberries
Slivered almonds or granola
Drizzle of maple syrup (only the real kind, please)

Mix in cereal bowl to the proportions you like. "Torrential downpour" of maple syrup is a reasonalbe substitute for "drizzle."


Baruch Grazer said...

This is gonna be great. Twice.

Lorna said...

laughing at this!