Monday, July 03, 2006

Its Been One Week

Its been... one full day since I was last in the church building, which is really quite a blessing since I kind of missed days off there for a couple of weeks. Except, I left a pair of shoes in my office that I wanted to wear today. Good thing I have several pairs!

Its been... one week since our Narnia VBS started. We had 75+ kids during the week, and as far I can tell, they all had a blast. The curriculum we used (loosely) walks the kids through part of the story each day, and then highlights different theological themes. The church was decorated as Narnia, including a wardrobe (on loan from my friend Kris) to walk through each morning. In "Narnia", the kids encountered characters from the books - teens dressed as Lucy, Edmund, Tumnus, the Witch. We sang songs (got my guitar out again - that was fun!), had a "freeze tag battle" against the White Witch, and closed the week with coronation ceremony and potluck - complete with a moonwalk. It was a smashing sucess. The best part? When the teen playing Lucy was leaving, she gave me a hug and said "I had such a good time. Can we do something like this again next year?"

Its been... one year (and one day) since I stood in front of many people to say my priestly ordination vows. My lover-ly ordination sisters are gathering in celebration next week. One year in, and I'm thrilled as can be with where I am, with ministry, with colleagues. God is good, all the time and everyday.

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