Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Five

Well, folks, I'm outta here for a week - me, three other adults, and eight kids are heading down to a work camp in Tennesee for a week. We'll be doing work on a Habitat House, as well as some work in a national forest. Keep us in your prayers!

I was going to do the RevGals Friday Five, but the last couple hours have been so... wonderful, that I just can't bring myself to list peeves at the moment. So, instead:

Five Thanksgivings
On the Friday Before Mission Trip, I am thankful for...
... an organized and laid-back layperson who leads our youth stuff. And thankful that he does instant message so we can work out last minute stuff online.

... for having so many great friends, who I called and emailed and IMed today saying "Help! I have nowhere to stay in Kentucky anymore! Who do we know in Kentucky?!" Friends that you can call at the last minute are good friends - and I cleary have many of them.

... the clergy email group I am a part of. Our housing for Saturday night had fallen through at the last minute, but thanks to this group, we have a new church to stay at - plus, our being there helps their deacon-in-charge out a bit too. Nowhere near as much as she is helping us though.

... the lab at my doctor's office, which doesn't close til 6pm. Its just a good feeling to get the little things done before you leave town.

and a bonus:
... for my husband, who lets me call him while he is running late and stuck in traffic and kinda cranky, and still lets me just spill out what a good mood I'm in.

All right y'all. I really do have a million pet peeves, but today... God is good, all the time and everyday, and thats all I have to say about that. See you when I return!

... for my friend Hans, who is in town for a couple weeks and took me out to lunch and ran errands with me. People keep me grounded, especially people I've for over half my life. We laughed, we looked at bags, and he bought lunch. Yay.

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