Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My Weird Sense of Fun*

It's a gorgeous day outside, and it even resembles something like the feeling of warm. But, alas, I am stuck inside because I haven't finished a paper. This is a pretty common side effect of being in seminary.

Today's task: write an introductory article on Ezekiel, similar to the ones found in study Bibles. So, I have been reading through a few books, taking in different ideas about the text: Does the traditional three-part structure really work for this book? How did Ezekiel understand his role - as priest, prophet, watchman, or some combination? What that mean for the nature of prophecy? And, I found myself (yep, I meant to use that phrase) formulating my own answers to the questions, and I'm beginning to really understand what those crazy profs mean by "write in coversation with commentaries and scholars". And, even more - I really like doing that! Its amazing how fun just sneaks up on you in academic work.

Of course, this would be more fun if I hadn't left this paper to the last minute, and if I wasn't rushing through the material to get this done. Dang. Gonna have to work on that whole procrastinating thing. Again.

*props to Elizabeth and boot camp for the title

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