Tuesday, August 03, 2004

In A Jam

I have spent time the last two afternoons with a whole new activity- jam-making! Stephanie and I have been crushing blueberries, hulling currants, chopping cherries and slicing peaches, and now we have three batches of jam to show for it! Its such a satisfying process, especially since we finished our session by coming back over to my house and eating croissants with sour cherry-peach jam. I learned two things in the process. First, jam is absolutely not diabetic-friendly- I had no idea how much sugar went into the stuff! Secondly, sitting around preparing fruit, drinking a beer and chit-chatting with a friend is an absolutely fabulous way to spend a summer afternoon. It felt old-fashioned and relaxing in that "I"m being productive but I don't care how long it takes" kind of way. Just the right combination of lazy, social and sugar.

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