Monday, August 09, 2004

Its That Time Again

Tonight is the NFL Hall of Fame game, and the first night of Monday Night Football! I am so excited! I didn't even know it was starting already. I can't believe we're this far into the summer. But oh boy do I love football. Broncos and Redskins... it should be a good game.

Oh yeah, and I preached this weekend. It went really well, and I got some of those wonderful comments- the kind where people tell you about the important thing they heard, and it isn't even something you said. The best compliment though? One of the girls who used to be in my youth group was acolyting at 8:00 church. She told her mom that she actually listened to the whole sermon- and then she wanted to stay and listen to me talk in Adult Ed! I miss those kids from our youth group. Anyway, the sermon needs a bit of fixing up, and I'll post it tomorrow.

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