Monday, August 11, 2003

With or Without You

WAHOOO!! I'm posting from my apartment, and if I could, I would do flips cuz I'm so happy to have my internet back. We'll see how long it lasts (you never can tell) but for now, Mark, my new next door neighbor, is my hero. There goes my good excuse for not posting very often. Regarding that, I realize that I have been utterly silent on the election of Gene Robinson to the episcopate. Those of you who know me probably know that I am happy with the decision, and in support of this move. However, I have simply not had the energy to articulate my opinions in "real life" and online, so online lost. My current thought, though, is this: I am tired of hearing the general statement that "the other side" (whichever side that may be) is obviously motivated by something other than their understanding of God in Christ. Clearly, my understanding of the message of Scripture is not the same as some other folks - but my beliefs that openly gay people should continue in ministry is not motivated by being "PC" or a desire to somehow radically overthrow the entire church. Similarly, I'm fairly sure that those who are currently opposed to the decision to elect Gene Robinson aren't opposed simply because are afraid of change. I'm also sure that there are people on both sides who are motivated by those things. But if you don't want your side labeled that way, then stop making assumptions about the "other side". hopefully, then and only then can we actually have discussion.
On the way home from work today, Andrew and I saw a bumper sticker. It had a picture of a church on it, and said "A Gift from God. Assembly Required." I liked it.

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