Thursday, August 21, 2003


How are you? Well, I'm blessed. Thats what I hear over and over again at this hospital. And that is about all I can say today. I just returned from saying good-bye to the staff on my floor, and thanking them for the incredible hospitality they have shown me. With all our difficulties in CPE this summer - which were real and serious - I have been touched and moved by these people I have spent my time with. Being surounded by fellow Christians is truly a blessing. Saying goodbye to fellow Christians - friends, associates - is incredibly difficult, even when you know that it is time for the change. I'm not sure I will ever learn to do this well. But I have been and will continue to be blessed by each encounter, and each friend that I must say good-bye to.
Hey Now, I will be praying for you
Hey now, you're gonna pray for me
'Cause what we have been through together
Is changing us now, can change us forever
Hey Now, I'm gonna pray for you
Hey now, you're gonna pray for me
And its gonna be different, yeah
Its gonna be better yeah
Its gonna be Jesus, and all of us, in this together
Hey Now
-Amy Grant, Songs From the Loft

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