Thursday, August 28, 2003

Catch Me Fall

My mind and body are at odds at the moment. Part of me is incredibly aware that its summer, since its so dang hot in my apartment right now. Word to the wise - cinderblock apartments seriously resemble brick ovens. But this other part of me is settling into that fall mode. I grew up in a university town, and this time of year is when new students come to town, and recent grads go off to new schools and new places. Nothing makes that clearer than helping someone move. Today I helped Alex move. He is off to a new school and a new place. This place where we have studied, argued, played, cried, laughed and all that jazz will not be the same without him. He will be missed. During this big day of packing and moving, I got to spend time with a new kid on the block. He is here for just one term, doing the Chicago Collegiate Seminarians Program - sort of like study abroad at seminary. I think he will be great to get to know. He is amused that we all have blogs. HA! So much to learn. All in all, this coming and going makes for a long day. I will now lay me down to sleep.

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