Sunday, July 06, 2003

Back Together Again

Luke & I have returned from sunny California, to rainy Chicago. Sigh... we were sort of hoping that our flight would be cancelled because of Chicago's nasty weather and we would be able to stay in the Bay Area another day. Ah well. The wedding was amazing, my best friend was beautiful. (I realize I'm biased, but seriously, she is drop-dead gorgeous.) Luke and I really want to move out there some day, its a really wonderful place. It was also wonderful to come back home, be picked up by Tripp and Trish, and enjoy their company in the car. Now, it is time for bed because I have CPE in the morning.
I added a link to my sidebar - it belongs to Alex, another Seabury seminarian. His blog is fun to read, and he puts funny cartoons on it too. You all should enjoy it, if you haven't been there yet!

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