Wednesday, July 23, 2003

As the World Turns

I like to blame my not posting on not having web in my apartment at the moment, but really, I could very easily walk across the parking lot and use the computer lab. So, sorry folks, but I'm just lazy. I'm sure everyone's world will keep revolving. My CPE world is still revolving. It is continually difficult, but we had an intervention of sorts last week, and life is getting better. Also, I had a lovely catharsis today (crying, spouting stupid thoughts that were getting me down) and good conversation with much support ensued. I felt very loved, and really a whole lot better. Gift of tears? Heck yeah, I can tell you all about that.
Not much else in other news. My mom was in town this weekend, and we had a blast. Her and Luke like to talk politics, and we all like to go out to eat. We went to Ravinnia and saw the Chicago Symphony, ate dim sum with Tripp, Trish, and some North Shore folk, and wandered around Navy Pier. It was a good time.
Speaking of good times, I'm off to do a quick round in the ED before nighttime prayers.

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