Monday, June 02, 2003

Something to It

I know, I lapsed on the whole blogging thing. But I finished two papers over the weekend, so ha! So, there should be some catching up... Thursday Night was Awards' Night here at Seabury, and a jolly good time was had! I received the John Calvin award, for being so dang low-church. Then, when I got the award (its a plain wooden cross with the former recipient's names) I discovered that I was in good company! David, who used to live in my apartment got the award, as did another woman from my home parish who was here in 1997! So, in honor of that, I went and copied Calvin's commentary on the Gospel of John for my New Testament paper. I also got a football referee award from Todd, and the Martha Stewart award. I didn't think I really deserved that one, until last night. I was ironing linens at midnight, and watching Newsies (Disney musical about the newspaper boy strike, with Christian Bale) and enjoying myself. Sigh... I should subscribe to her magazine. I read it every month anyway, right Stephanie?
So, there are more blogs forthcoming, I need two more posts for Trevor's class. First, a random question for anyone who knows: There is a song, and they only lyrics I know are "Ooh, child, things are gonna get eaiser, Oooh, they're gonna be brighter" It was in that TV-miniseries on the 70's... Anyone know what its called and who its by? Thanks!

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