Thursday, June 19, 2003

Rainbows and Gifts

CPE is tiring. I suppose that many of you who read this page probably already know that though. Sigh, there goes my enlightening thought for the day. Our little CPE group is doing well, and I'm beginning to settle into the non-Anglican world of Bethany Hospital. I can certainly be thankful for all the faith-filled people I'm surrounded by during the day - staff, patients, everyone! We are still having some struggles in organization and communication between our supervisor and the staff chaplains. So, I may have organization on my mind, but Jeff and Trevor's posts made me think about it. I love organizing things, I love organizing people. My house is messy, so you wouldn't know it, but I just like organization. CPE is not the best place for people who like to organize things into categories. I've always relied on my ability to create structure, and in t he world of the hospital, its just not my job. I'm finding little ways to use this gift of mine though, while I develop these other skills. But its very tiring! So, looking at Trevor's pretty bookshelfs made me happy. And thats a great thing when you're tired!

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