Sunday, June 15, 2003

Mississippi Moon

We just ended a lovely dinner party here on the second floor. Its nice to live in community. Luke & I have enjoyed three sets of company this weekend. We had a visit from some priestly friends from Ohio on Friday, dinner with some Oberlin people on Saturday, and then tonight's dinner party here at home. I really am a raging extrovert, I love having all these people in my life. So, CPE should do me well then, all these people! The first week of orientation went pretty well. The hospital is about as friendly as we could ever hope for, and the chaplains are really well integrated into the care team. There are no Epsicopalians down there, save me and Andrew, so Tripp is getting a kick out of us trying to fit into this free church culture. I think my background in camp and Happening (high school renewal weekend) will serve me well. I'm going to be on the Nursery/OB-GYN floor, sharing it with another chaplain who is covering the Labor/Delivery side of the floor. It should be a good summer over all.
Here is a recipe for y'all that i had Saturday. It was about the best thing I'd ever eaten:
Slice some good Italian bread, and spread pesto on it.
Heat up marinara sauce (good marinara, not Prego) with some chunks of goats cheese in the oven.
Stir that up, then spread it on the pesto bread.
Eat as much as you can take.
Thanks Matt!!

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