Friday, January 18, 2008

Old News

This quote from an article in the NY Times caught my eye this morning:

The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise.”

You know how this story goes - the millenials, or Gen Y, or whatever name you prefer for the upcoming generation, is the most narcisscistic, self-centered generation EVER. They've been spoiled by digital media, over-attentive parents, highly structured lives, and too much praise. They don't care about the world around them, the traditions of their family, and they're epidemically obese - which is also because of that digital media, by the way.

Folks - that quote up there? From the NY Times article? Its more than 2000 years old, penned by some guy named Plato.

Bemoaning and bewailing the next generation isn't just an American hobby - it seems to be human nature. Go check out the article: Generation Me vs. You Revisited. Its in the style section, because bashing the young people? It never seems to go out of fashion.


AKMA said...

You young people -- always making excuses!

Mark J. said...

Pish! Young people, who needs 'em! If it weren't for the young people we could still have nice, dignified church services. From the 1928 BCP, I might add! Always causing trouble!

A Simple Sinner said...

If, as one historian noted, frequent bathing was one of several factors that indicated a sumptuousness and decadence that marked and hastened the decline of the Roman Empire...

Well, we have been in trouble since the widespread availabilty of indoor plumbing. Nothing like relieving oneself in an outhouse or chamber pot, and being smelly & greasy to forestall the onslaught of social decline!

These kids nowadays!

Sophia said...

I love this!

I once started a sermon about youth by reading a newspaper article written just before WWII lamenting the terrible state of the young people we now call "the greatest generation" and "the generation that saved the world". ;-)