Thursday, January 17, 2008

Backing Up

Technology amazes me. As I'm typing this morning, all of my files - my music, the pictures from my seminary graduation, the sermons I gave at my field ed parish, my favorite recipes, my address lists - they are all getting put into a little tiny silver box. Its backup day in our house!

I've been pondering a move back to a paper system though. After seven months of doing everything via laptop, I think I need a paper calendar. In fact, I think I'm going to get this one - my friend Dave has it, and its really cool. But mostly, I want to be less tied to my computer so that my MacBook continues to be fun and exciting - and its moving off the edge right now.

Over the weekend, we went to CA to visit my best friend and her husband. It was her birthday this weekend, and the second show of the season for her brand new theatre company was still showing. (By the way - if you live even vaguely in the Bay Area, drive on out to Antioch this weekend to see the Hapgood Theatre Company's production of Rumors. Its hilarious, and the director is pretty fabulous.) Anyway, all four of us are serious Mac people. As in, we drank coffee on Tuesday while J read to us from a liveblog about the Mac launches. While we were sitting around one morning, one of the three assembled Macbooks made the "new mail" noise. J and I immediately groaned - the noise was just stressful to us.

The story has a happy ending - the email was actually for Ms. Theatre Director, a request for more ticket sales. Huzzah! But the moral of the story for me? If four days into vacation, the email noise stresses me out... I'm not using my computer the way I want to.

Oh yeah, and the other happy ending? I get to go shopping for my new planner!


Mrs. M said...

Yes-- I've had that calendar for a couple of years! I finally switched back to a purse-sized one, but I loved it.

And I have to confess, I love paper. As handy is the screen is, I love the feel of pen and ink,

Reverend Ref + said...

I've been pondering a move back to a paper system though. After seven months of doing everything via laptop, I think I need a paper calendar.

All I carry is a paper calendar -- among other things, they never crash.

And that's a nice calendar, but that's more along the lines of a desk calendar (which is okay). I find that I prefer the pocket calendar that CPG sends out every year.

leah sophia said...

despite being digitized in most aspects of my life, i carry around and almost completely rely on a paper calendar (it still seems once i've written something onto the page, i no longer need to refer to it). these days i rarely print much of anything, and a while ago i started a blog that's basically a storage place for old bible studies and related notes that were on paper that was disintegrating. but i also love paper, and i always begin my writing and my graphic design away from the computer keyboard and screen, though often in an extremely minimal manner. and at least right now, i cannot fathom reading an entire book onscreen!