Wednesday, March 01, 2006

L is for...

In a little over an hour, I will preside at my first Ash Wednesday service as a priest. I've been doing a little reading this morning to prepare. The thought with which I wish to enter into Lent is this: Beyond penitence and mortality, more than fasting or other disciplines, Lent is about love. God's deep, abiding love for us, despite our constant failings and imperfections. So, I share these two quotes with you, and wish you a holy Lent. In whatever ways you choose to mark this season, may it bring you deeper into the knowledge of God's love.

“To repent is to come to your senses. It is not so much something youd o as something that happens. True repentance spends less time looking at the past and saying, “I’m sorry,” than to the future and saying, “Wow!”
-Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking: A Seeker’s ABC

And I don't know
How you show
Such gentle disregard
For the ugly in me
That I see
That for so long
I took so hard
And I truly believe
That you see the best in me
I'm in love
We all love
And that thought
Sets me free

Free in you
Got no worries on my mind
I know what to do
That's to treat you right
And love you kind
Thank you ever on my mind
Love is just like breathing
When it's true
And I'm free in you
-Indigo Girls, Free In You

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