Monday, March 06, 2006


There was a meme going around recently with questions like "where were you one month ago? five years ago?" Well, I'm just going to answer one of them.

Where were you ten years ago?
Sitting in a friend's living room, talking with one of my best friends about what it would mean if we decided to date. It was one of those friendships where we had sort of danced around "liking each other" for a few years, but the timing was always wrong. For some reason, the time was finally right. We decided not to tell people for a little while, just in case it didn't work out - you know, being such good friends and all.

Now, its been ten years. Ten years of laughing, sharing, talking, kissing, crying. For nine of those ten years, at least one of us has been in school. We've gone to weddings, baby showers, funerals, hospitals. We've gone to Chicago, Ireland, New York, Boston, California, Florida, Mississippi, New Orleans. And, of course, we got married in there.

Marrying your best friend is a wonderful thing. So is celebrating your relationship with a vegetarian by going out and ordering a steak.


Laura Harris said...

Hehe...ordering a steak with a vegetarian. It sounds like my life! (i hope you are doing well in MI; St. Olaf is good and very busy!)

Dawgdays said...

When go out with my wife and I order something vegetarian, it just doesn't seem the same.

Dawgdays said...

BTW, congratulations on 10 years together.