Monday, February 20, 2006

President's Day

Today is President's Day. I happen to married to someone who loved presidential trivia as a kid. He is observing the day by reading more in his latest presidential biography, Team of Rivals. Tonight we may even play his old trivia game Hail to the Chief. Ah, the things we do for love! In honor of that, here are a few questions for you

1. What is your favorite presidential movie?

2. Who is your favorite president? (Of the real ones, I mean. No, Martin Sheen doesn't count)

3. Do you have a favorite bit of presidential trivia?

4. What do you think would be the most fun about being president?

5. For all you fans out there who feel cheated by #2 - What is your favorite West Wing episode? And how do you think they will wrap up the series?


Luke said...

Can't pass this post up!

1. Fav. Movie: All the President's Men
2. Fav. President: Eleanor Roosevelt..., oh I mean FDR
3. Trivia: Which two presidents died on July 4th of the same year?
4. Most Fun: Hosting really great parties for our friends at the White House
5. Fav. West Wing: Josh in the Hospital with the Flashbacks (susie knows the episode names)


Dawgdays said...

1. I have two - "All the President's Men" and "The Missiles of October" (TV special, starring William DeVane).

2. Jack Ryan. Oh, right, you said a REAL one. Hmmm. FDR, for what he did in office. Jimmy Carter, for what he's done after he left office.

3. FDR and Eleanor were fifth cousins, once removed.

4. Getting whatever you want for dinner.

5. Beats me. I've never seen the show.

Lizzie said...

1. Dick (if you guys haven't seen it, you really need to)

2. FDR, because we have been neighbors for the last four years and I love driving by his house just so I can roll down the window and thank him for the welfare state and complain about how Bush is doing away with it.

4. Pardoning the turkey

5. Shiboleth (sp?)

Beth said...


3. Adams and Jefferson. (Sadly, I can't remember which episode that is.)
5. In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Parts I and II

Hurray for West Wing!

I don't really have answers for the first four. Really, I don't have an answer for the last one either - I'm thinking maybe Take This Sabbath Day, but In the Shadow of Two Gunmen and Shibboleth are both good choices, and so is And It's Surely To Their Credit, and Two Cathedrals, and The Supremes (even though it's season 5)...

Baruch Grazer said...

1. All the President's Men.

2. Jimmy Carter (I'm sticking with "in living memory" here).

3. The story goes that, as a youth, Lincoln had been admonished not to track mud on his mother's clean floor. So he had a friend hike him up over his shoulders, and he tracked mud on her ceiling instead.

4. The cuisine. Though "never looking for keys or wallet" is pretty high up there.

5. I'm some seasons behind now. Through Season Five, I liked the one they did after 9/11, when they had all the touring students in conversational lockdown and were questioning a (misidentified) Arab staffer.

Great post.