Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Things I've Learned on Hiatus

I've been away, and when we've been home there have been many people in our house. Somehow that translates to less blogging for me. So, here is an update of sorts for you all.

♦ In Berkeley, they have big hills. I would call them small mountains. If you are not used to walking around in this kind of territory, your legs might be sore for several days. Just a tip.

♦I love living in a place where our home can be always open to friends who need a place to stay. Even more, I love being married to someone who thinks this is as important as I do.

♦ When you go to the local cheesburger & fries place, and their burgers come in "Regular", "King", and "Kolossal" - and you know that you are a regular eater - get the regular burger. I don't care if you're hungry. Get it anyway.

♦ Sometimes, the church you work in is not the church you would choose to attend. And that can be an incredible gift, even if its kind of a weird adjustment. Having friends help you articulate that is also an incredible gift.

♦ Children's movies about an evil count who murders people are not necessarily children's movies. Or good movies to watch right before bed. Especially if you are very afraid of snakes.

♦ I wish that everyone thought "playful" was a complimentary adjective. Even more, I wish it actually described more people.

Not bad for a couple weeks, I suppose. How 'bout you? Did you learn anything intersting today?


Emily said...

Strangely enough, my planned blog entry for the day is pictures from Berkeley. When were you there?

Anonymous said...

I've learned how much I miss you! Next time you go on hiatus, come visit me at camp! love, Adrienne

Susie said...

Emily - I was there over MLK weekend, a little before you were I think... you went for the conference at CDSP, right? I saw the cool candle/continent thing on your page.

Reverend Ref + said...

Yes, Berkeley does have some big hills (they are hills, not mountains). I'd like to know what you think of hills at 5300 feet above sea level.

Come out for a visit sometime and let me know.

THudgins said...

I try to learn as little as possible.

But you know this.

EDS said...

That movie WAS shockingly frightening for something marketed as a children's movie! And I LOVED staying in your house. Remind Luke about the time I was in his small group and we made communion bread... he said something like, "Lizzie, this looks sick. I'll give you $20 to eat it raw..."

Hope all is well! Much love.